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Happy saturday- happy knitting

Kategori: Strikk og lignende | 0 kommentarer » - Publiser lørdag 7. april , 2018 kl. 10:06

Hi, hopefully you all have a nice saturday. I have been ill for the to last weeks, just the flu, but I am starting getting better. Some days I haven’t even managed to knit, and that says a lot.

I am know knitting (still) at the Setesdalsweater, and yesterday I started with the arms. I am knitting it to a good friend. Magic loop is the technique I use, are there others who use that? The benefits og using that technique is that I knit both arms at the same time.
And the arms will look alike. The drawback is that quickly there is being a mess in the yarn. Especially when I knit with more than one color. The body og the sweater is finished so it is not a lot left.

I knitted the same sweater some weeks ago and this was the result.

But I have not only one project, I must have several all the time. Is it like that for you as well?
So I am knitting babystuff, and I can´t reveal what yet. Since I want it to be a surprise . But what I can reveal is that I have finished one of the projects and have started with a new one.

In addition to this I also knit a long jacket for my self. It is a summer jacket and I hope to finish it this spring .

I have about 5 cm left before the arms, so I think it is possible.

Please tell med about your projects, I will love to hear. Here in Norway, close to Oslo where I live it is still snow. Hopefully the winter is over and spring is coming. Looking forward to use shoes instead of boots and wearing less clothes.

Wishing you all a happy knitting weekend.


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