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Happy saturday – happy knitting

Kategori: Strikk og lignende | 0 kommentarer » - Publiser lørdag 1. februar , 2020 kl. 19:57

Happy saturday. 

Hope you all have a nice weekend. With a lot to do at work, I really appreciate the weekends. Since last time I actually have ordered some new yarn. Norway introduce a new rule regarding shopping from other contries  from 1th of april 2020. We then have to pay 25 % tax for everything we by abroad on internett. In that case , yarn from other contries will be very expensive. 

We have a lot of nice yarn here in Norway, but it is quite expensive. So I have started shopping, just to be sure I have enough yarn before the deadline. 

I have found a danish webshop with some really nice yarn, so last week I ordered some :)

My plan is to combine this yarn with Silk mohair and knit a sweater from Petit Knit.

I am so looking forward to knit with  this yarn. And I am planning to bye som more. 

At the time I am knitting on a Ingen Dikkedarier sweater and just started with the second arm. The pattern is so nice .

I hope you all are doing well and wish you all a happy saturday. 


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